Want to Know How the Professionals Clean a Chimney?

What Are the Different Kinds of Chimney Cleaning Tools?

There are numerous chimney cleaning tools available. Ensuring a chimney is kept clean is vital due to the fact the build up of carbon materials, known as creosote, can adhere on the inside of the chimney walls. At very high temperatures, this build up has been know to ignite, thus resulting in a fire in the chimney. To stop this, there are various brushes and other tools to use.

A flue brush is a common chimney cleaning tool used to remove heavy creosote deposits. It could be made from stainless or oil tempered steel and thermoplastic, like polypropylene. It can be oval or rectangular in shape and comes in different sizes and lengths.

Polypropylene brushes come with softer bristles than other chimney tools and are able to be used on several kinds of chimneys. The soft bristles will not scratch the inside of a metal chimney, so they will cause less damage to chimney liners. The thin bristles provide excellent flexibility, however, they are not so effective at scraping off creosote as wire brushes.

Wire brushes are more effective than plastic ones when scraping the inside of chimney walls. These brushes can be either flat or round, however, a flat one is starting to become more common with chimney cleaning tools. Wire hand held brushes are tools which can be used for various jobs. They are used to clean chimney caps, smoke chambers, and fireboxes. They are also used for cleaning out any ash or soot from fireplaces.

Chimney rods are pushed through a flue. They connect to brushes, and multiple rods can be connected to add extra length when necessary. Different rods could be used for multiple tasks.

When scraping creosote, a rattan rod is the best tool to use due to the fact it is extremely durable. Polypropylene rods are flexible, but are unable to stand up to over usage. Fibreglass rods are more popular since they come in different degrees of flexibility.

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